Advaita: The ultimate question

Non                                      Dualism
Atman                                  Self
Brahman                               God
Are                                       Equal
And                                      Same.
So                                         I
Untouchable                        Outcast
Am                                       God.
Will                                       You
Ever                                      Agree?
No                                        Matter
What                                     You
Preach                                  Answer
Me.                                       Through
Your                                     Saints.
One                                      More
Final                                     Question
Can                                      My
Untouchable                        Atman
And                                      Your
Brahmin                               Atman
Ever                                     Be


7 responses to “Advaita: The ultimate question

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  2. Read Nisargadutta Maharaj and Ramana Maharishi to know what Advaitha is. Your hate mongering casteism and political stance will not take you to advaita. You can make a good career though in Brahmin bashing. Brahmin bashing is a coittage industry in Tamil nadu. Good luck in your business.

  3. Anbu Sahodari, These poems manifest the burning fire in the opressed.

    Dont worry about hate comments on your page. You very well know who these people are.

    Keep rocking!!! waiting for more poems from you

  4. Arul Jerome Kirubakaran

    Don’t be worried when people throw stones at you. For truth is one thing that has few takers. Go on, Till your final goal is reached. Don’t worry how many are behind you, As long as you don’t loose the sight of the cause, towards which you walk. Good work.

  5. Shakthi Kumar.V.N

    Nice one..Concluded well..Yes .. it can be one..Instances are plenty like Chandaala Shiva,the dog following Yudhistara to the path of Moksha etc..

  6. Advaita is all talk — tall talk — or at least it looks that way as it spills facilely from the enraged mouths of those who feel that it is the oppressed who are caste-obsessed and not the oppressors. And what is the use of talking about Nisargatta Maharaj and Ramana, if one does not feel the ‘here and now’ situation of dalits today?? But theirs is all bark and no bite. Advaita, if it really is more than just a word, needs no defence, it wants no defence against the oppressed. The structures created to uphold it in the form of a doctrine have to be exposed, as you have done in this staccato poem.

  7. lovely!

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