Ours is a silence
that waits. Endlessly waits.

And then, unable to bear it
any further, it breaks into wails.

But not all suppressed reactions
end in our bemoaning the tragedy.

the outward signals
of inward struggles takes colossal forms
And the revolution happens because our dreams explode.

Most of the time:

Aggression is the best kind of trouble-shooting.


3 responses to “Aggression

  1. yes, in India aggression is so cleverly contained…we make our rages into gladiators and let loose the system’s voracious beasts of conformity on them…But did you hear about the tigers which got loose in one of the zoos the other day? It can happen, even here. And these rages are not an endangered species, they are an encircled species and the fences are weakening.
    The dalits are one-sixth of the Indian population. Not a thousand and odd poor tigers.
    Treat them like human beings, BE human, damn it! That’s what your poem says.

  2. how true. how true.

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