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Non-conversations with a lover

don’t talk to me
of sudden love. . .

in our land
even the monsoons come—
leisurely, strolling like
decorated temple elephants
(the pomp, the paraphernalia)—
after months of monotonous prayer,
preparations and palpitating waits.

my darling
his silence
(those still shoulders)
but his eyes dance
his eyes dance
(so wild, so wild)

so i think of raging
summer storms—
like uncontrollable tuskers
trampling in mast
(the madness, the lust)—
across the forests of our land. . .

(First published in Thanalonline.com)


Whispered intimacies

And I got your words

I will have them painted

Try to choose
Or take them all.

Glitter on innocent
Raspberry lips that plead
For touch, for closer

Composition in coffee
Cream blending with bitter
Chocolate worn on business

Ravenous red, for fiery
Animals in us, tamed,
By love in dying

Colourless words, invisible
But everywhere—Love
Reserved for needy

Love, remember the rain
And our fading words
On lonely nights
Straying to a steady
Chatter or studied

Remember our
Whispered intimacies
Which still linger on lips.

Remember that some words
Which once beheld promise
Now hold our bodies
In motion.