Becoming a Brahmin

Algorithm for converting a Shudra into a Brahmin


Step 1: Take a beautiful Shudra girl.
Step 2: Make her marry a Brahmin.
Step 3: Let her give birth to his female child.
Step 4: Let this child marry a Brahmin.
Step 5: Repeat steps 3-4 six times.
Step 6: Display the end product. It is a Brahmin.


Algorithm advocated by Father of the Nation at Tirupur.
Documented by Periyar on 20.09.1947.

Algorithm for converting a Pariah into a Brahmin

Awaiting another Father of the Nation
to produce this algorithm.

(Inconvenience caused due to inadvertent delay
is sincerely regretted.)

(First published in The Little Magazine)


12 responses to “Becoming a Brahmin

  1. bogus propoganda against mahatma gandhi by the hatemonger periyar.

  2. Damn good!

  3. Cool! Hilarious ! Expecting more in the same genre..

  4. Meena kanadsamy is a “thevidiya munda”.

  5. Why the first gen Sudra girl should be beautiful? Why she should marry a brahmin? She herself can become a brahmin if she leads brahminical way of life? The poem smacks of political overtones nad smugness

  6. really cool… excellent mam.. ya we are expecting more in this genre… now t ll reach the ears of the so-called-educateds!

  7. Nothing new here, that is what pioneer Brahmins practised for centuries. DNA research shows mitochondrial DNA is about the same across all caste groups, indicating mobility of women across caste lines and is similar to African and Asian (mostly sotheast Asian)groups.

    On the other hand, the Y-chromosome related DNA is distinct across caste lines. Take Brahmins – the Y component is different from that of other groups and more similar to East European groups (the similarity increases with the so called caste hierarchy). So Periyar did not say anything new other than ordering the chopping of the kudimis and cutting off the poonalsof those Brahmins in Mylapore.

    May be the algorthm should start with a Brahmin girl marrying a Sudra and so on – that may be something to think about.

    Meena, one does not need to be a Brahmin-hater to be a Dalit lover. You only have to be human being to see the marginalization, cruelty etc. towards fellow beings. As everyone knows, love conquers everything and everyone – including the Brahmins.

  8. Sorry about the typos! That is what happens when you lose the writing habit and are middle-aged.

  9. Ennares Bradlaw

    @ Meena: What u quoted is very true…

    @Smitha: Wanna tell u directly. Incase if u see this, This message is to u. If you have sense, comment or debate something sensible. Don’t behave like a third rated!

    If u know tamil too, arivu endrondru irundhaal, arivu poorvamaana vivaadham sei. Thaan thirudi pirarai nambaadhaey endroru pazhamozhi undu..adhu pola The…moo endru sonna nee appadi thaano????

  10. I can say that im ur secret admirer. I was wondering at your maturity,talent and confidence.

    I understood u r a anti-caste write from you bio before reading this poem. Now im only perceiving you as a anti-uppercaste writer.

    You can correct me if iam wrong.


  11. Peggy Trawick

    It is not so much Brahmans, as Brahminism that is abhorrent. I have known good Brahmans, but they were critical of Brahminism. It is the hypocrisy of those adhering to Brahminism that is ugly, and this includes people who are not Brahmans, but “high non-Brahmans.”
    And Periyar is absolutely great. Too bad Hindutva took over. That is an abomination.
    Just my opinion, of course . . .

  12. You nailed it….hahaha I am putting this up in my blog. 🙂

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